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K is the site to meet the new era

is "around Europe" Shanghai Dragon: The Shanghai K station : The advent of a new era: ? false original article: General appeared to modify the seventy percent articles are of high quality, and the best modification process to insert their own words, the key is inserted in the process of circulation can be together with […]

Identify the short board website optimization method beyond the opponent

website construction and website optimization need to learn, but not extremely arrogant behind closed doors. Want to go beyond, but the first to self-improvement, self-improvement, but to imitate. The good performance of the web search engine, especially those realized are excellent sites in the major search engines, which itself has many merits. Competitors are not […]

K site is how to do the report server

  Because the data is not sufficient to control group’s other two hospital sites are in love with altitude hair, notify the author rushed to write a solution, so I started to collect related data, trying to analyze it, but a lot of data collection failed, broken, finally through the log analysis optimization staff plus […]

Links exchange ten skills

fifth: the soft effect is good. Link exchange is not the more the better, a website exchange about 30 links is enough, the future need is to improve resource. Can increase the weight through the soft, etc.. The soft effect is large, only a single link, does not have the function of communication, and soft […]

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